The Triumph™ 4 Person Hot Tub

The new Triumph is a beautifully designed double lounge spa that comfortably fits four persons and everyone has his/her own foot space! The Moto-Massage DX lounge not only delivers a great back massage but also offers great foot therapy with two Precision jets for each foot and easy access to the auxiliary control panel. The entry-lounge, features the Quartet jet system, four HydroStream and four powerful Precision calf jets. It doesn’t stop here, the generous bench seat offers one seat with two Soothing Seven jets, the other with a six Jet-Cluster and from both vigorous foot treatment is available through our unique FootStream jet. A convenient cool down ledge offers yet one more way to enjoy this fully featured spa.


Additional information

Dimensions 236 × 188 × 84 cm
Seating Capacity

4 adults

Water Capacity

1,275 litres
1,275 litres


265 kg dry
1,860 kg filled*

Lighting System

Luminescence™ multi-zone

Jet Count